IMETAL Group employs around 25,000 staff, grants particular importance to the development of Human Resource, in its quality of a constant and sustainable wealth through a particular focus on policy: :

A – Recruitment: Why choose IMETAL Group?

The IMETAL Group, activating public economic operator in the steel production sector and its transformation is considered the most important group in the industrial sector.

To successfully oriented strategy for growth and performance, IMETAL Group wants to acquire all the assets necessary for its completion; namely favor the recruitment of young graduates by ensuring skills to develop:

  • Close relationships with schools, universities and specialized institutes for the establishment of a cooperation program to design training courses requested by the sector.
  • Working closely with the various entities of Scientific Research and Technological Development.

B – Training & Development Skills:

Development of the HR strategy focuses primarily on :

  • The Training & Development in the all-business sectors
    These actions are carried out through:
    – The establishment of a Training and Development Program for Engineers in targeted sectors, architects and technicians in all areas of IMETAL Group.
    – Transfer of ” Know and Know-How ” made in the programs of modernization of storage, distribution and marketing; for acquisitions of high-tech equipment.
  • Internal training:
    IMETAL Group has two (02) continuous vocational training centres, namely ” the Technical Centre Metal Construction ” (CTMC) and the Higher Institute of Annaba Management ” (ISGA);

    • Tech Central Metal Construction  (CTMC)  : The Centre organizes training actions intended primarily for highly skilled professional workers, and the development of welding procedures, qualification of welding processes, welding control in industry, Certification and Homologation of welders;
    • Higher Institute of Management of Annaba  (ISGA)  : This institute specializes in the study and Council for Business, Training Management on demand for enterprise executives and managers in all sectors, training & Crafts including trades steel and metallurgy.

C -The affiliation of IMETAL Group in the project :  School of business,  Schools  Knowledge Management  &  Corporate University  :

Under the leadership of Minister of Industry and Mines, has initiated the project of The National School of Industry Professions. This school will be designed as a matrix, which will lead and will ride a conglomerate of Corporate University ; it will represent the nerve centre of a new articulation between Industries and Universities.

The IMETAL Group partners in the program of the Ministry of Industry and Mines as part of its Action Plan, and registered as a graft Training Tool at the operational scope of the companies, and organized around the productive activity fused to Know.