IMETAL is a Public Industrial Group from the last restructuring public market sector activity in Steel Industry and its downstream. It is the link between the mining activity upstream and metal construction which is its extension.

IMETAL Group consists of three main pillars :

  • Steel Industry production and basic industries :
    1. Flat products of first transformation : coil and steel plates ;
    2. Long products of first transformation, wire rod and rebar;
    3. Processed scrap ;
    4. Zinc ingot.
  • The steel processing
    1. Flat products of second transformation : pipes, various profiles and metal packaging;
    2. Long products of second transformation : welded trellis, metal light beams, various wires, metal armatures.
  • The achievement of keyturn in steel Frame and boilermaking.

The strategy of IMETAL Group revolves around the following points:

  • The coverage rate by the local production of the national steel industry products demand is below 15%, it is imperative to :
    • Develop the national production capacity by the modernization of existing facilities;
    • Set up the industrial complex of BELLARA in partnership with the International Steel Qatar (2 million tons by 2018);
    • Initiate new investment projects in 1st and 2nd, steel industry transformation (seamless pipes, hot profiling…);
    • Develop the necessary related industries in the steel industry (refractory, ferrous alloy).
  • The improvement of the competitiveness of our companies through :
    • Technology partnership as needed ;
    • The establishment of quality management systems (QMS) ;
    • The implementation of appropriate management policies, human resources and optimization of governance.