A Group focused on performance and future

Steel Industry is essential for all industry development. It is an upstream of numerous activity sectors. Steel is an industry of the future that stimulates other related high technology. Metal Industry, as well as metals themselves, remains the heart of our economies.

Since the beginning of the year 2000, the sector of Steel Industry and Algerian Metallurgy has known numerous restructurings in the name of certain concepts. Today, for large number of Algerian, this industry symbolizes the past; to a certain extent some even think that Algeria will never be able to produce steel again.

IMETAL Group, a public economic performer aims to give the Algerian Steel Industry its nobility back. The development of Steel Industry allows in one hand, the supply of processing industries inputs in better conditions, on the other hand, the reduction of the steel products import which was estimated at around 7 billion (dollars) for the fiscal year 2014.

The landscape of the Steel Industry has begun to expand due to the introduction, to the national market, of new private operators. This diversified local steel products supply, imposes us to produce according to high quality standards, competitiveness and to distribute our products with a level of responsiveness and effectiveness that will meet the needs of the customers and build their loyalty. These are the major challenges facing IMETAL Group and their outcome will determine its weight within the Algerian and continental markets.

IMETAL Group strategic plan will permit, in the medium term, to carry the Steel Industry further with the ambition of becoming the benchmark operator. The workforce rejuvenation, the focus on skills and the modernization of our working methods and tools are the axes of a continuing development which will inevitably take us to respond quicker and effectively to the changing environment and to demonstrate the relevance as well as the modern of our actions.

This strategy is built with all the team is the guarantors of professionalism and the required expertise. Our staff, at all levels is in the centre of disposition which they live it and progress it day by day, to increase the quality and performance. Every job of the Group as for its specificity, requires talents and competence, these are the talents which propel us toward success.

I am confident that the implementation of new governance within IMETAL Group will produce better in improved working conditions offering quality products to our clients and to achieve objectives of production and profitability fixed.

Chief Executive Officer of IMETAL Group