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At IMETAL head office meeting room, was held, on the 2nd October 2019 at 9 am, the 1st Steering Committee of the Information System Diagnostic Project in the presence of IMETAL Group executives and the experts of the international company specializing in the audit PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) with the theme: findings and diagnosis of the Group’s Information System, the first phase of which began last July involved representatives of the Group and all its subsidiaries.

After a brief introduction by Mr. LEBBOU recalling the objectives of the project for its importance and its strategic nature, he gave the speech to the IT Director, this latter, spoke about the progress of this mission that lasted two and a half months, where two stages were completed: the scoping step used to define the scope of the project and the objectives assigned to it and the diagnostic step of the information system, a crucial step to know the current situation and the planned objectives.

Awareness-raising work has been done to highlight the need for all the Group’s structures to become more involved in this project, which will once again be a very important tool to rapidly respond to the needs of consolidation and production of dashboards and summary reports, both at the Group level and for the external organizations to which we belong (Ministry, Ecofie, ONS …)

Then the speech was given to PwC experts who made a reading of a synthesis of the diagnosis. In the light of these findings, the PwC firm also presented the lines of thought and guiding principles for the second phase of the project, which aims to define the evolution scenarios for the Group’s information system, taking into account the business objectives and the company’s strategy as well as the roadmap for its implementation.

Looking forward to the rest of the work that will be spread out over a period of one month to decide the choices to be made for the projected system.

Communication Cell

In collaboration with Mr. DAOUDI

Director of IT within the Group