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The Finance Act for 2016 exercise will not only make very dramatic changes in the tax landscape but also and especially in the country’s economic trajectory and at the same time in the business environment.

The 2016 Finance Act comes in a special economic situation characterized notably by the falling price of oil barrel pushing the Treasury to exercise strict control. And to enable us to understand its various implications on our business and to better understand the consequences, the IMETAL GROUP, together with its Technical Training Center Steel Construction (CTMC), held Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at Group Headquarters a seminar / workshop led by two experts who dealt with the following topics :

  • The provisions of the Finance Act 2016 and their impact on economic activities;
  • The organization of IMETAL GROUPS portfolio and its implications for tax purposes;
  • Tax optimization in business.

The analysis explained and reviewed by two experts on the Finance Act of 2016 exercise will:

  • Master the new tax provisions introduced by this law and understand the practical consequences of their implementation on the action to undertake in our companies;
  • Well apply the new tax measures to assert to right at best the rights of our Companies;
  • Take all necessary measures to adapt to the changes as soon as possible to avoid any future tax risk;
  • Update our knowledge regarding taxes;
  • To be informed about the different tracks tax optimization based on the practices of companies;

The topic concerning the practical details of the tax provisions of the Finance Act 2016 has been widely debated by tax professionals and representatives of the Group Companies.

Documentation on this subject was made available to participants.