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EPE ALFAPIPE is a subsidiary of IMETAL Group signed a contract with Sonatrach on 31st July 2016 for realizing a-344-km length of pipeline connecting El Menia town (wilaya of Ghardaia) to the Gas Dispatching National Centre (CNDG) situated in Hassi R’mel (wilaya of Laghouat).


The President, Directing Manager (PMD) of IMETAL Group, Ahmed Yazid TOUATI and the President Directing Manager of EPE ALFAPIPE, Mr. Abdelmadjid MESSAI were present at the signature ceremony in company of the President, Managing Director of Sonatrach Mr. Amine MAZOUZI and of the Minister of Energy, Mr. Noureddine BOUTERFA.

As part of the project, COSIDER companies, COSIDER piping and ENAC were too there represented by their PMD’s, Mr. Lakhdar RAKHROUKH, Mr. Fethi ZEROUALI and Mr. Abdelkrim CHEHILI respectively.


ALFAPIPE contract was signed with Activité Transport par Canalisation (TRC) subsidiary of Sonatrach with an amount of 17, 4 billion dinars, concerning a supply of a-48-inch diameter tubes to be delivered in 12 months’ time.


This GR7 gas piping, which overall cost is of 38.87 billion dinars, will permit to transport a quantity of gas estimates at 21 billion of m3 from the new gas fields of Hassi Mouina, Hassi Ba Hamou and Ahnet to Hassi R’mel by connecting it to GR5 gas piping in 2020. This latter does 765 km, which goes from Reggane (wilaya of Adrar) to Hassi R’mel.