Activity fields :


Algerian foundry

Address : DG 04 rue Moussa Hamadache Hassan Badi ex Belfort, El harrache

Phone : 021/82 12 32 to 36

Fax : 021 82 09 09

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C.E.O : SALHI Noureddine

Share capital : 2 141 000 000 DA

Main activity :

Production and marketing of foundry products (moulded pieces in cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals)

Units :


Products and services

Products for the Steel Industry

(Ingot moulds mould casting, models…)

Products for the cement works

Coal nuts of grinding, armouring, plates of wears…

Products for SNTF

Soles and brake shoes, splints, body box)

Products for agriculture

(Pulleys, coils, hitches, hubs, bars…)

Products for hydraulic

Pump housings, valve bodies, casing, cable glands

Products for public works

Counterweight, hammers, bearing heads and hooves

Products for embellishment

Candelabras, art grids, ornamental towers, benches, posts…)

Road products

Manhole cover, manhole, railings frame, buffer.

Products for the port

Bollards, PUR maritime

Products for mechanical

(PUR for industrial maintenance, machining and industrial boiler)

References and realisation

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Main customers

Institutions and public operators

DTP and implementation of business

Public works and buildings

Private miscellaneous



Algerian cement work

Brick kilns and quarries

Steel industry