The Events

IMETAL space has reunited many companies of its Group at the international subcontracting exhibition, which took place from the 14th to 17th May 2016, at the Palais des Expositions des Pins Maritimes.


The every other year ALGEST Exhibition, which is the 4th edition, is an event that brings together subcontractors, suppliers and service providers in different industrial sectors, giving them the opportunity to present their know-how and their skills to national principals.


It is in this perspective that IMETAL Group was present at the exhibition with 6 of its companies, namely ALRIM, ANABIB, CTMC, ENCC, EMB and FONDAL.


The companies were united in IMETAL sharing space, a premiere, which wanted to show the belonging of these companies to the Group and create a feeling that the employees are part of one and a big family.


The exhibition visitors could then discover IMETAL space and know the wide range of products and services related to the subcontracting industry proposed by the Group’s companies.

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