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Conventions were signed Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 in Algiers between 7 industrial groups which come under the Ministry of Industry and Mines and companies come under the Ministry of the Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digital.

“These conventions must contribute to provide a local response to the needs of the market for information and communication technology (ICT) equipment and thus reduce import dependency in this area” ensured the leaders of both sectors, Mr Youcef YOUSFI and Mrs Houda-Imane FERAOUN during the signing held at El Aurassi Hotel.

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Mr. Youcef YOUSFI (Minister of Industry and Mines) and Mrs. Houda-Imane FERAOUN (Minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digital)


IMETAL Group, as for its part, signed conventions with four companies, namely Algérie Télécom, AT Mobilis, Algérie Poste and the EPE EADN (Digital Development Support Company).
The first generated contracts by these conventions concern six subsidiaries of the Group: BATIMETAL, ENR, ENCC, ALRIM, ANABIB and SGS Annaba; and this for the following services:

  • Studies and realisation of different works such as: construction, fittings, repairs and demolition.
  • Supply of pylons, masts and accessories for the deployment of radio sites, transmission and civil engineering maintenance.
  • Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous waste.
  • All guardian services.
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From left to right:
Mr. Mokhtar TAYANE (CEO of ALRIM), Mr. Mustapha KORCHI (DG of ANABIB), Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE (CEO of IMETAL Group), Mr. Samir BEN-HADJ ABED (CEO of BATIMETAL), Mr Nasser CHAREB (CEO of ENR), Mr Athmane OUROUA (CEO of ENCC) and Mr Karim MENTA (CEO of SGS Annaba)



The meeting began with a working session between the two ministers and the CEOs and Directors General of the groups and companies involved in these conventions before Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE, CEO of IMETAL Group, accompanied by the CEOs and Directors General of our subsidiaries, proceed to the formal signature of the four conventions.

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Photo left: Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE (CEO of IMETAL Group) and Mr. Adel KHEMANE (DG of Algérie Télécom)
Right picture: Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE (CEO of IMETAL Group) and Mr. Abdelkarim DAHMANI (DG of Algérie Post)


The new contracts have increased the order book of IMETAL Group subsidiaries and help ensure their long-term and medium-term sustainability. And the aptitude of our companies to supply quality services given their know-how and their long experience can only predict the signing of even more contracts under these conventions.

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Left picture: Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE (CEO of IMETAL Group) and Mr. Ahmed CHOUDAR (CEO of AT Mobilis)
Right picture: Mr. Abdelhakim MAOUCHE (CEO of IMETAL Group) and Mr. Bellal MEKKID (CEO of EADN)