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This day, March 8th, 2018, International Day for women’s rights, a ceremony honoring women was organized at IMETAL headquarters.


Tributes and honors were given by the CEO and his management staff reminding the fundamental role that plays every woman in the company on a daily basis and emphasizing their seriousness and professionalism.


In addition, gifts were offered to the female staff just before organizing a lunch in a friendly setting.

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On this occasion the CEO, Mr. MAOUCHE Abdelhakim, sent to the women of the company a message:


“The 20th century was women’s fight, the one in which they obtained their rights, the one in which the Day of March 8 was dedicated to them.


In the 21st century, women continue their fight for equal status with men in all areas. They have professionally invested in many trades that were previously reserved only for men.


Today, I am happy and proud to celebrate with you this memorable day. It is an opportunity for me to thank you for your efforts, your seriousness and your sacrifices to ensure your responsibilities on all fronts: Being a mother, a sister, a wife, but especially an employee who actively participates in the development of the company.


I am also happy and proud to count among the female staff of IMETAL Group and its subsidiaries, women who work in all our activities: accountants, engineers, architects, managers and even technicians in construction, steel and metallurgy sectors, exposing themselves to the same risks and difficulties inherent in the specificities of our trades as their male colleagues.


I personally wish you a happy fête, that it is synonymous with prosperity, of well-being and success, and strengthen your determination to meet the challenges assigned to IMETAL Group in a framework of consideration and team spirit”.