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As every year, on this day 8th March, 2016, celebrating the International Woman’s Day, the GROUP IMETAL just like the set of its Companies returns an emotional tribute to its feminine staff.

In his address, Mr GHALEM M Slimane, DAG, on behalf of Mr DJOUDI Kamel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , welcomed all the women present, insisting on the more and more important place which occupies the Woman within the GROUP IMETAL.

Indeed, proud of his “working women”, Mr GHALEM, focusing on their seriousness, professionalism and presence in all business lines and thus their significant representation within the Group, related to the fact the undeniable role and dedication every day of IMETAL female staff for the smooth running of the Group.

Finally, before taking part in this meal organized for that purpose, Mr GHALEM chaired a gift ceremony in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In joy, we wish happy birthday to the Algerian Women