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On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, IMETAL Group signed a master agreement with SONELGAZ Group to promote the local manufacture of steel and metallurgical equipment used in the electricity and gas sectors at SONELGAZ Training Center (CAB) located in Ben Aknoun, Algiers.

The master agreement was signed by the two CEOs of IMETAL and SONELGAZ Groups, respectively Mr. BOUSLAMA Tarik and Mr. BOULAKHRAS Chaher, in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Mines, Mrs. Djamila TAMAZIRT and the Minister of Energy, Mr. Mohamed ARKAB.

In addition to IMETAL Group Executive Officers, the representatives of its subsidiaries were also present, namely: EPE BATIMETAL, SIDER Group, EPE ALFAPIPE, EPE ENCC, EPE ENTPL, EPE ANABIB, EPE FONDAL, EPE ENR, EPE EMB, EPE CTMC, and EPE SIDEM.

This master agreement aims, which respond to the Prime Minister’s guidelines to improve the performance of the national economy, are as follow:

– Substitution of goods and services imports by promoting national production.

– Meeting the needs of SONELGAZ Group companies, primarily through domestic production, within the activities of ​​IMETAL Group.

– Arranged agreement from IMETAL subsidiaries, for any order that may meet the needs of SONELGAZ.

– The creation of value added locally.

– The safeguarding of employment and / or the creation of new jobs.

The master agreement is concluded for a period of 5 years, renewable, and comes into effect immediately after its signature. It should be noted that the monitoring and evaluation of its implementation will be carried out by a joint committee composed of representatives of both groups.

In his address to the assembly, Mr. BOUSLAMA assured « that IMETAL Group human skills and material resources can meet the challenge of the national development while meeting the requirements of the market and providing a high quality product ».

He also indicated that « the investment program planned by IMETAL and SONELGAZ Groups, in accordance with the directives of the line Ministries, aspires to follow the continuous development with a view to increasing the national integration rate and improving competitiveness ».