The Events

The Palais des Expositions in Algiers hosted from April 9th to 12th, 2018 the 2nd edition of the International Exhibition of Measurement, Instrumentation, Accreditation and Quality « MESUREXPO ». This is the area of activity of Industrial Weighing and Control Unit (UPCI) which has not missed the opportunity to participate in the event by exhibiting its products and giving visitors the benefit of its experience and its expertise.



Located in Oran, this unit belongs to one of our subsidiaries, namely the National Company of Recovery (ENR), specializes in:

  • Manufacturing and marketing of industrial electronic weighing equipment.
  • Maintenance, control, verification and calibration of all types of weighbridges and electronic scales.
  • Marketing of radioactivity detection systems made to control scrap trucks loadings and any other product susceptible to radioactive contamination.

The exhibition was an opportunity for UPCI to learn about new technologies in this promising area for the economy. It has also been an opportunity to foster its clients’ loyalty and to enter new markets since the regulation requires all manufacturers to acquire advanced tools in metrology which go in line with quality.

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